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Packaging conditions


Your package must meet the following conditions:

  • the packaging must protect against external shocks, internal movement of the contents, spreading, spillage or other damage that may affect the contents of the package;
  • shipments must be packed securely so as not to damage other items or injure the personnel handling the packages.
  • They must be enclosed by the sender in an intact package corresponding to the weight, shape, and nature of the contents, as well as the mode and duration of transport, the packaging must protect the contents so that they cannot be damaged by pressure or successive handling, and may be made of cardboard, plywood, wood, plastic filled with polystyrene.

To avoid such situations, it is necessary to:

  • Proper packaging of items to protect the contents, as otherwise delays, damage or loss may occur;
  • The packaging must be in perfect condition, made of durable materials, with no tears, cracks, no protruding sharp objects or sharp parts;
  • pack all items separately
  • use suitable cushioning materials - bubble wrap for example;
  • ¬†use a strong adhesive tape, designed for shipping - transparent or brown scotch tape;
  • use a single label with the clear and complete delivery address of the recipient (name, surname, complete address, telephone number) and preferably place a copy of the label with the address inside the package;
  • fill the package, DO NOT leave gaps, choose the size of the package depending on its contents. Boxes that are not loaded enough can warp, and those that are too loaded can fall apart
  • place fragile goods in the center of the package, making sure they do not touch the edges. The object must be well insulated on all sides;
  • properly pack your gifts. Many goods sold in attractive packaging may not be suitable for shipping;
  • When shipping sharp objects such as knives or scissors, be sure to completely cover the edges and tips. Heavy-duty cardboard is suitable for this. Secure the protective material so that it is not accidentally removed in transit;
  • in cazul in care expediati lichide: toate recipientele trebuie bine sigilate pentru a evita scurgerile cauzate de vibratii sau socuri in timpul transportului. Impachetati recipientul in materiale impermeabile si daca este posibil, adaugati suficient material absorbant pentru a absorbi lichidul in caz de spargere. Folositi material de amortizare densa precum spuma sau cartonul ondulat. Separati sticlele cu material de amortizare astfel incat acestea sa nu se atinga
  • if you ship electrical/electronic items: the manufacturer's packaging is often designed for commercial purposes and may not be suitable for shipment. Use additional packaging depending on the size, weight, and fragility of the product. Always use strong cardboard boxes, adding protective material/shock absorbers around the object;
  • if you ship furniture: all pieces of furniture must be properly packaged;
  • if you ship a suitcase, they must be wrapped;
  • do not overdo it when sealing the package. Remember that all packages can be opened by the customs authorities for inspection.

PLEASE NOTE: THE MOST IMPORTANT PACKAGING / PACKAGING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ACCORDING TO THE CONTENTS OF EACH PACKAGE. Don't rely on "Fragile" and "Handle with Care" labels to replace the appropriate packaging. These are for information only.


  1. If you use duct tape - it comes off
  2. Insufficient box/package filling - packages that are not filled during transit are deformed and broken:
  3. If you use paper tape - it is the most inappropriate, the paper tape breaks the easiest, it practically does not offer any resistance;
  4. Heavy boxes over 20 kg - break due to their own weight;
  5. Use of raffia bags - not totally indicated, they break extremely easily:

We can NOT provide a specific transport position, a certain temperature, or special handling. If you have such or other special requirements (handling, storage, transportation) please contact us in advance.


IT&C EQUIPMENT (ELECTRONIC AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS) Special packaging offered by the manufacturer for transport. Wooden box filled with polystyrene or other protective material;
BEVERAGES OR LIQUIDS BOTTLED IN GLASS Special packaging made of cardboard filled with polystyrene or other protective material
GLASS ITEMS wooden or pressed cardboard packaging filled with polystyrene or other protective material
Special packaging provided by the manufacturer for transport
WORKS OF ART (PAINTINGS, SCULPTURES, STATUES) Need wooden packaging filled with polystyrene or other protective material
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Require special packaging provided by the manufacturer for transport, such as wooden packaging filled with polystyrene or other protective material
FRAGILE GOODS Need cardboard packaging filled with polystyrene or other protective material
PRINTS (MAGAZINES, CATALOGS, FOLDERS, MAPS, CALENDARS) Needs heavy duty cardboard box provided by the manufacturer for transport
POSTERS AND FRAMED PICTURES Need wooden packaging with protective material