TRUFIN TRANS LTD. | The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. Company number: 8270351 VAT NO: 181808005
curiertat romania anglia door to door
Serviciu tau de curierat rapid!
Intre Anglia si Romania
Zone de acoperiere:
Oxford | Londra | Coventry | Birmingham
Servicii de curierat rapid door-to-door!
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curiertat romania anglia door to door

Trufin trans ltd

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Parcel courier from England* to Romania door to door - Romania cover 100%

Only use our adress for delivery or pick-up of parcels.
Do not create accounts - they will be deleted and parcels returned.

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23 Lismore Drive





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LE10 0SR


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Customers service hours from MONDAY to SATURDAY between 9 AM - 5 PM (local time).

These phone numbers, the contact form and the online order form are the only methods of contact/securing orders for which we assume responsability. If you place an order on a different phone number/using a different method we can not assume responsability for any issues and complications that might arise.

* Please visit routes page for available areas