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Why can't I send food?

Food items need special transport conditions (temperature, humidity), something we aren't able to provide. These items are NOT restricted but we can't assume responsibility if they go bad during the transport.

Does your parcel need special handling?

We are able to transport valuable and fragile items safely and securely.THEY MUST BE PROPERLY PACKAGED!

Can I order something and then pay for it at it's destination?

Yes it's possible. If you want to bring merchandise from UK and pay in Romania , we offer a service under which you have total control .For parcels from Romania in UK payment is ONLY IN UK TO RECEPTION !

How do you calculate the price on a parcel?

For each parcel we need you to give us the weight and size of your parcel. We can work out the volumertic weight based on a formula (you can see it on the prices page) and then compare it with the actual weight. We will charge the highest value.

How does online shopping work?

You can make your purchase of any website here in the UK. If you've created an account on our site and you buy something from one of the shops listed at "home" at the end of your shop you'll be directed to our contact form. You can use that to tell us about your parcels so that we can expect them. We will also require your delivery details. If you're buying off multiple sites, please send us as many details as you can (your name, where you made the purchase, your address and your Romanian telephone number) in order to avoid mishaps. You will pay for the shopping online. The UK adress you need to send to is listed on our CONTACT page. You will then pay for OUR services (the delivery) once the parcel arrives to you in Romania (see the prices page for more details). MAKE SURE YOU PUT - TRUFIN(YOUR NAME) - under the name on all the things you buy and send to our location. In order to receive the packages we need to present a form of ID. If it's just your name, we will be unable to accept the parcels since we do not own your ID.